It was created in 2004. In the same year participated on the Design Biennial in Saint-Étienne (France) and was published in the book “Um olhar sobre o Design Brasileiro”, by Joice Joppert Leal. Time goes by and technology evolves, but nothing would be possible without the human mind who has the brightest ideas. The CAPPELINI is a reflection on this theme, showing how the technology is already embedded in day-to-day. Thus, the lampshade is a silicon cap, which is used to dye the hair of people. This cap has micro holes where the hair would come out to be dyed. Instead of hair, optical fibre comes out. These fibres are excellent conductor of light, it captures and brings light from one side to the another, forming bright spots. The lightning of the optical fibre is made by LEDs (light emitting diode), which provide strong light with very low environmental impact.