Fernanda Brunoro is a London-based Brazilian designer and creative director with a mission to develop projects considering human needs and desires. Fernanda works across a broad range of sectors including furniture, lighting and interior design. Her studio collaborates with leading brands in a variety of markets including the US. Fernanda also has run workshops and lectures.

Fernanda Brunoro was born in São Paulo where she grew up and started her career. She lived in Italy for 5 years and she worked with internationally recognized professionals such as Patricia Urquiola. The most important projects that she was involved included the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Barcelona, Cosas exhibition in Valencia (Spain), the shop concept for Somma in Harrods and some projects for Molteni. She currently lives in London to further enhances her career and she works in a respected architectural office as an Interior Designer.

Fernanda has been developing a high-quality products which consider function, wellbeing, comfort, social conviviality, sustainability and usability. Usually her projects convey a relative simplicity with special attention to detail. The influence of her Brazilian origin has a direct effect on the style of the majority of her work.